Metro Monday @ The Bullet Box

Every Monday

  • Stop in and try out the largest indoor range in the Maritimes!
  • Meet friends and do some shooting
  • 6 pm till 10 pm for MRPC Members
  • $ 25 for 4 hours (regular $60 / hour)

Now that the Bullet Box is open for business, John is ready and willing to start “Metro Mondays”

You can purchase targets and ammo there or bring your own. No reloads. Members must show proof of valid Metro membership. Expired doesn’t count.
If there are any walk-ins or Bullet Box members who come in, we must make a lane or two available.
Quick orientation by BB staff (once) required. No magnum rifles allowed.
MRP must clean up their brass as best they can without going forward of firing line.

If more people show up than there are lanes available please be courteous and share.

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