How Ranges Operate

Non-Active Range

> Guns on the tables
> Unloaded magazines out
> Action open
> Firearms pointing downrange
> No one forward of cease fire (Red) line
> No one handling firearms
> People can be ‘Down Range’ changing targets

Active (Hot) Range

> No Person past the firing line
> Red Flag up
> Eye and Ear protection on
> Shooting taking place (Range Commands)

Firearms can only be handled, place on the table and uncased when the range is Hot or Active
Restricted Firearms ONLY with a Range Officer present.

Holster Policy

A holster for a pistol is like a sling for a rifle; an easy, convenient way to cary it.    

No one uncases their rifle in the parking lot and  carries it up to the range. The same with holsters. No one holsters their pistol in the parking lot, no exceptions. Holster use for the Metro Rifle and Pistol Club members on shoots is permissible provided range safety protocols are followed. 

Firearms can only be handled on a Active (Hot) range. Therefore unloaded pistols can only be holstered on a Active (Hot) range. Loaded handgun are not to be carried in a holster by members of the Metro Rifle Pistol Club. 

Protocol for holstering an unloaded pistol follows internationally excepted practices (USPSA, Bianchi, IPSC, PPC, IDPA):

When the cease fire is called or shooting is completed, the unloaded firearm is pointed at the back stop with the action open so others present can, and will, verify there is no cartridge in the chamber. Rather than laying the unloaded firearm action open on the table the user: 

1. with the firearm still pointing at the backstop closes the slide/cylinder
2. intentionally pulls the trigger allowing the hammer to fall, thereby guaranteeing there is not a cartridge in the chamber
3. pulles back his elbow and drops the muzzle down into the holster
4. the gun is NEVER removed from the holster until the shooter is at the line and the range goes  Active (Hot) again

Note: If a firearm drops from a holster:

    1. the range is cleared and returns to Active (Hot) status
    2. the firearm will be retrieved and the protocol above for holstering is followed
    3. firearm is re-holstered

All holsters must be of a quality design that will retain the firearm adequately and keep the muzzle of the firearm pointing directly at the ground below the person wearing it. No cross draw, no shoulder holsters.