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How to join the club

At the AGM on March 8th, 2018 the executive committee announced the following changes:

  1. All current members will have to do an in-person renewal this year in order to attend a Range Safety Orientation with an Exec member before having a membership renewed. This will be a quick and painless orientation that should take 10-15 min. depending on your level of experience
  2. New members will be required to complete the Range Safety Orientation before being given a membership
  3. Starting after March break Mike will be doing an orientation class per week until the end of April. After that, we will have one per month to orientate new members and stragglers
  4. All memberships will be extended until April 30th this year to allow time to get people orientated and renewed without them losing their 'Good Standing' status for the CFO
  5. Anyone who has mailed in a renewal request is asked to attend one of the upcoming sessions to receive their orientation at which time they will be given their card. If that doesn't work for you please let the secretary know and we can arrange a refund of your dues
  6. The club will not be issuing new cards to anyone who fails to attend a Range Safety Orientation. This orientation is a one-time requirement and once done will not have to be repeated unless a member shows a pattern of failing to follow the range safety rules

+++ Please refrain from mailing in renewals at this time and plan on attending one of the orientation sessions to renew there +++

Dates for the next Range Safety Orientation Courses can be found on our calendar

In preparation for becoming a new member:

  1. Review our Firearm Safety Section and Range Rules
  2. Download the Membership Form and print it
  3. Fill it out completely with a permanent ink pen and attend a Range Safety Orientation


Advantages of being a club member:

• Access to the range on shooting dates and meet (new) friends

• Access to a variety of shooting disciplines including Black Powder, Handgun, Centre Fire Rifles and many more

• Free Air Pistol Shooting during winter times

• Competitive shooting activities

• Get information on shooting related news in our area and Canada

• Liability Insurance

• Meet experienced shooters and their knowledge

• A place to tell your shooting and hunting tales