Join the club

That’s what you have to do:

    1. New members will be required to complete the Range Safety Orientation before being given a membership. This is to ensure ALL Members are aware of the Cold/Hot range safety protocols.
    2. There is a $20.00 fee for the orientation.
    3. We will have at least one per month to orientate new members. For private courses email the president.
    4. This orientation is a one-time requirement as long as you remain a club member and once done will not have to be repeated unless a member violates safety protocol.
    5. The membership fee is $75.00 per year

Dates for the next Range Safety Orientation Courses can be found on our calendar.

Advantages of being a club member:

• Access to the range on shooting dates and meet (new) friends

• Access to a variety of shooting disciplines including Black Powder, Handgun, Centre Fire Rifles and many more

• Free Air Pistol Shooting during winter times

• Competitive and fun shooting activities

• Get information on shooting related news in our area and Canada

• Liability Insurance

• Meet experienced shooters and their knowledge

• A place to tell your shooting and hunting tales


1. Review our Firearm Safety Section and Range Rules
2. Download the Membership Form, print it and take it to the orientation to be signed by a member of the executive.

Mail the completed & signed form to the address on the form with your cheque/money order for $75.00 


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