NSRA Gammell + Sirtonski Matches – Sept. 9, 2023

Fast, and Furious Firsts

The older I get the more I take joy in the simple pleasures of life, like attending events, spending time with friends, shooting.  Metro R&P recently received an invitation from the Nova Scotia Rifle Association (NSRA).  The NSRA Handgun Section Chair Daniel Zaenker put on the Nova Scotia Provincials (Gammell Memorial) for the Olympic Sport of Rapid Fire Pistol, on Saturday morning past and also another match, the Sirtonski Cup in the afternoon. My self and Joe MacHoll went as ambassadors for Metro. Joe journeying up from the Cape Friday and camped right on the range, I drove to Halifax in the wee morning hours. 

At Sunup, Joe started a fire, then put on a pot of coffee and breakfast.  As the sun climbed higher competitors started to trickle in, their first sight being ‘Quick Draw Joe’ with a coffee sitting by a fire as he slowly drawled, “Mornin”; Man it was a scene out of a Western. 

It’s the simple things, like watching the loss of all hope in the eyes of the mainlanders upon seeing Joe. It’s the simple things, like overhearing whispers, “The Capers showed… lost another one…”. Yes it’s the simple things that I find pleasure in as I age. 🤣

As always, Metro R&P put on a great showing, we were in the Metals for the sport of Olympic rapid fire pistol. Shooting 5 targets, a third of a football field away, in 4 seconds, from the draw is something let me tell ya! Especially when athletes that compete on the National Circuit arrive, like Glenn from Pictou and René from Quebec! That puts tension on the competitors! How did it pan out? Well, we actually won the event, keeping a provincial record score intact and taking home the Cup… again…

The Sirtonski Cup was a new experience for Joe and I as neither of us had shot it before or even knew the complicated course of fire. It went from very precise headshots behind hostage targets to smokin’ hot-speed shooting requiring multiple targets while changing magazines, to man-against-man shoot-offs. That separates the ‘wheat from the chaff’ man let me tell ya! Shooting a shot with an audience behind you hootin’, knowing full well if you miss you are out; shooting until only one person is left! Bob Selig, a legend at the Bull Meadow Range won that round by a quarter of an inch! Whoo!

Since we weren’t really sure about the match and the different stages we just shot all ‘bulls-eye’s’ (almost). Needless to say… We medaled. Actually, we won that trophy and, coincidentally, set the Provincial record score for the event as well. Yes as I age, I find solace in the simple things in life…



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