PPC Match 2019

PPC Match 2019

This year we send an ambitious team of MRPC shooters down to Halifax:

  • TerryEldridge
  • Tom Kummer
  • Lars Kummer
  • Sven Kummer
  • Kirk Best
  • Ryan LeDrew
  • Joe MacHoll

As you can see in the picture below the team was in good shape, had a tremendous amount of fun while competing and it wasn’t the last time. For sure.

It was the first time for Kirk (made it to the ‘Top 15’ shooters in Nova Scotia) and Ryan (only 35 points needed to make it to the ‘Top 20’). Tom shot a 45ACP 1911 – imagine what he could have achieved with a decent competition pistol. A solid performance (as always) of Terry – only 18 points behind Tom.

We did well. Here are the results:

Marksman class
Silver for Tom Kummer
Gold for Joe MacHoll

Expert class
Silver for Lars Kummer
Gold for Sven Kummer

Team Score:
MRPC won Silver (second by only 2 points!)

The complete results can be downloaded here.