2023 MRPC Pistol Training + Competitions (ISSF)

The Club is setting up some issf pistol training sessions for free

Our president Mike Kelly (countless National and Provincial Pistol Champion) will hold an introduction course and practise sessions for all levels – beginners to long-time shooters – on the ISSF pistol competitions 50m (Free) Pistol and Standard Pistol.

Start date: Wednesday June 7th, 5:00 pm. Limited to 12 people. Email to register at president@metroriflepistolclub.ca

Practise sessions will be on June 14th and June 21st, 2023 at 5:00 pm at our new range.

Metro Rifle & Pistol Club Match at our own range (50m Pistol and Standard Pistol) on July 19th at 5:00 pm. We will have free T-Shirts and other surprises.

The Provincials Championships (very relaxed competition for first-timers) will be held at the NSRA on Sunday, July 30th, starting at 9:00 am. We will send a team!


Here is a short description:

ISSF Standard Pistol 

This is a .22 caliber (22LR) 25m Pistol Match. It is shot one-handed and may be shot with either a pistol or revolver with open sights.

Target: Standard 25m rimfire pistol target

  • 20 Precision shots – 4 relays of 5 shots. They are taken over 150 seconds for each 5-shot relay.

  • 20 Timed shots. 4 relays of 5 shots. They are taken over 20 seconds for each 5-shot relay.

  • 20 Rapid shots. 4 relays of 5 shots. They are taken over 10 seconds for each 5-shot relay.

ISSF 50m Pistol

This event, formerly and unofficially still often called Free Pistol, is one of the ISSF shooting events. It provides the purest precision shooting among the pistol events, and is one of the oldest shooting disciplines, dating back to the 19th century and only having seen marginal rule changes since 1936.

This is a .22 caliber (22LR) match. It is shot one-handed and may be shot with either a pistol or revolver with open sights. 

Target: same as 25m Centerfire Pistol Target

The course of fire: Unlimited sighters in a 10-minute period,  then 60 precision shots over 2 hours.

Metro Monday at the Bullet Box

Big savings for MRPC members shooting at The Bullet Box Indoor Range and Pro Shop on Mondays.

John is offering as a special discount for members of the MRPClub. It is also a good time to meet other club members and to have a chat.

EVERY MONDAY from 6:00 pm till 10:00 pm 

No reservation is needed! Just join us for a good time!

Rifle Raffle

We have received a generous donation from John at The Bullet Box Indoor Range and Pro Shop. He has donated a rifle for the Club to Raffle off to help with fund raising for our new range construction costs.


The prize was a beautiful CZ 455 Evo .22lr rifle. A limited number of tickets (200) were availible and the winner was drawn live on Facebook at The Bullet Box on May 15. Retail on this rifle is approaching $700.00.

And the winner is: Bill Laurie. Congratulations.

Many thanks to John for his generous donation and for stepping in to help us fill the void from the raffles we usually have at the Outdoor Show every spring that we have been missing the last couple of years.

PPC Match 2019

PPC Match 2019

This year we send an ambitious team of MRPC shooters down to Halifax:

  • TerryEldridge
  • Tom Kummer
  • Lars Kummer
  • Sven Kummer
  • Kirk Best
  • Ryan LeDrew
  • Joe MacHoll

As you can see in the picture below the team was in good shape, had a tremendous amount of fun while competing and it wasn’t the last time. For sure.

It was the first time for Kirk (made it to the ‘Top 15’ shooters in Nova Scotia) and Ryan (only 35 points needed to make it to the ‘Top 20’). Tom shot a 45ACP 1911 – imagine what he could have achieved with a decent competition pistol. A solid performance (as always) of Terry – only 18 points behind Tom.

We did well. Here are the results:

Marksman class
Silver for Tom Kummer
Gold for Joe MacHoll

Expert class
Silver for Lars Kummer
Gold for Sven Kummer

Team Score:
MRPC won Silver (second by only 2 points!)

The complete results can be downloaded here.

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