Club President News: New Club Shoot Times 2018 / 2019

Club President News: New Club Shoot Times 2018 / 2019
Members of The Metro Rifle & Pistol Club,
I have an update regarding the use of the Range at Leiches Creek. DNR is under increased pressure to make the facility available to the general public. They have been receiving ongoing reports of range time that has been booked by one organisation or another, but no one is showing up for their time and the range is vacant, preventing others from booking it. Because of this, they have stopped the local Police, RCMP, Brinks, and others from booking huge blocks of time they require for their yearly qualifications.
For this, I applaud DNR’s efforts. However they have also cut our Club range time as well which at first caused me concern, but I do comprehend why. I have been doing some shooting during our clubs booked time this spring and more often than not the range has been empty when I arrived, during my stay, and when I left.  We cannot continue to monopolize range time when club members are not present. It is just not fair to those wanting to use the facility.
We now have access to the range as a club during the following times:
July, August, September
First Saturday of the month only: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, both A + B Range
Every Sunday: Noon until Dusk, (B Range / 25m only)
1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month: Noon until Dusk, A + B Range
Please Note:
The Cape Breton Sportsman Club has the range booked the second Saturday of every month in July, August, September so please do not interfere with their range session. 
October & November
Saturday – No Club booked Shoots
Every Sunday: Noon until Dusk, (B Range / 25m only)
1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month: Noon until Dusk, A + B Range
December 2018 to April 2019: the same times as September
Club members still have access to the range anytime they would like. All that is required now is that you use the public booking system online. All of our members have been qualified on range operation during the Range Orientation Program required for membership as regulated under the firearms act, so there is no issue with our members booking and using the range at their leisure.  As an example, some of our members have been meeting at certain times of the week for training sessions. That is still perfectly acceptable the only difference being members must go online and book the facility before they go. 
Please remember any time there are two or more people on the range, someone must act as a Range Safety Officer. This is a requirement of the Firearms Act. If there is ever an incident because of a lapse in safety I can guarantee our range access will be severely impacted, so please follow the posted rules. We have a great working relationship with DNR and I don’t want to put unnecessary strain on that relationship.   
I would also like to inform the membership construction of the pavilion to be constructed on B Range (the pistol bay) has been put on hold until a general meeting takes place in fall 2018.
I would also like to take this time to congratulate our Club Members Andy and Joe for their accomplishments at the Canadian Nationals ISSF Pistol Shooting Championships held last week at the Pan-Am Center in Cookstown Ontario. They were members of the first Nova Scotia Team since 1965 to compete and were the top team in the Free Pistol Event. Congratulations guys, job well done!
Michael Kelly
Metro R&P Club President