2018 McDonald Challenge & Selig Cup

2018 McDonald Challenge & Selig Cup

The Team Metro Rifle and Pistol Club sent to the McDonald Challenge (Olympic Standard Pistol) and the Selig Cup (Olympic Free Pistol) this weekend devastated

taking first place in both and of course the trophies back to Cape Breton

Andy Maxwell, our esteemed secretary, dominated the Selig Cup. He shot that match with the determination of a Rabid Pit Bull and went shot for shot with mainlander Bob Selig (provincial air pistol Champion who has won the match more than anyone else in its history) along with our own Joe MacHoll to take first place! Andy is a tuff competitor!!! Joe, proved no slouch either, narrowly missing silver and took home the bronze medal for our club; which astounded everyone since he only first fired an Olympic free pistol this past Wednesday……… for an hour……… I expected Joe to be last place (the new guy!), but he kicked my ass too! I think we will all see Joe accomplishing great things in the shooting sports in the future!

The Standard Pistol was even more eventful with first place moving back and forth among the top five shooters on the line as the match progressed! What amazed everyone in this match was not the winning but the sheer grit of Terry Eldridge. Terry started shooting competitively when the Dead Sea was still alive; that’s a long time ago! Not one to miss a Standard Pistol Championship he went; with a torn rotator cuff so he was unable to lift his pistol! Rather than give up, as anyone I have ever met would, he walked up to the line and grabbed his gun with his weak hand. I thought he was going to put it back in the case and go home but to everyone’s surprise, he shot the god darn match with his weak hand! I have been shooting competition since 1985 and have never ever seen anyone ever even attempt to do this before! And he was hitting!!! He narrowly missed placing on the podium because Andy inched by at the last moments of the match! I managed squeezed into first to take the Trophy. What a great day!

Article by Mike Kelly