2023 Terry Eldridge Centerfire Pistol Match

A match we do each year is the Terry Eldridge Centerfire Pistol Match and this year we decided to spice it up a little bit from its beginnings as a bullseye match and run it as a Mini PPC Style match.

WHEN: Sunday, Sept. 17th, 10:00 am
WHERE: Our Club Range

The course of fire will be as follows:

12 shots @7m standing in 20sec (6shots, reload, 6shots)
12 shots @15m standing in 30 sec (6 shots, reload, 6 shots)
6 shots @15m kneeling in 30 sec right hand
6 shots @15m kneeling in 30 sec left hand
6 shots @25m Standing in 15 sec
12 shots @25m Barricade in 45 sec (6 shots right hand, reload, 6 shots left hand)
6 shots @25m kneeling 30sec

TARGETS: Standard Law Enforcement B27 Silhouette targets

That’s a 60-shot course of fire and a taste of what a PPC Match is like.

There is a Provincial Championship for this in Halifax at the end of September. We usually send a team each year. If you’re interested you should definitely attend this match and get a feel for this type of shooting.

What do you need?
You need a pistol, 9mm or larger, at least 60 rds of ammo (take an extra few in case of jams/malfunctions), a holster to fit your pistol that covers the trigger, at least two magazines, or speed loaders and a mag pouch to carry them. Something to kneel on like knee pads or a piece of cardboard or a mat would not be a bad idea. Yes, revolvers are welcome.

This match will not be drawing live from a holster but you will be expected to carry your empty pistol on your hip, otherwise, the amount of time required to move guns around becomes tedious. You don’t need a race holster but you need something to carry your pistol. No cross draws or shoulder holsters.

All stages will start with the competitor with the pistol loaded and at the low ready position. Mag changes must be done safely, with no exceptions! If you can’t change a mag on the clock without keeping your muzzle pointed down range you will be removed from the line. Safety comes before anyone’s pride and sweeping others while changing mags is unacceptable.

Unfortunately, because of our range space and time limitations, this match will be limited to the first 15 people to register. With so many positions and distances, time goes by quickly and with more than 15 we would be struggling to get everyone through in a timely manner.

You can email Andy (Andy@MetroRiflePistolClub.ca) or Mike (president@metroriflepistolclub.ca) to reserve a spot or take your chances on match day and show up.

Spectators are welcome to come and watch and get a feel for things. We will have a BBQ going as well.

1st Place gets the Eldridge Cup to take home for a year and has your name added to its list of winners along with a Gold Medal. Medals for Silver and Bronze as well.

If you want to compete but are short on something or have questions: email Andy at Andy@MetroRiflePistolClub.ca




10:00 am - 6:00 pm




MRPC Shooting Range
Upper Leitches Creek Road
Metro Rifle & Pistol Club


Metro Rifle & Pistol Club

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